Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kentucky Woman


Oh, Neil Diamond...I love you for writing this song!
"Kentucky Woman, she shines with her own kind of light
She looks at you once, and a day that's all wrong looks all right
And I love her, God knows I love her!"

We are headin' down South...
No, not Southern Oregon! We are actually heading to the "REAL" South. Kentucky is calling to us, with it's rolling hills, endless white fencing, horses, horses, horses, horses (can you hear Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle?), and best of all, my beloved Sister and her wonderful family!

This is the view she sees every day from her kitchen window!

Can I just say, that there is nothing like the love of a sister. Those of you blessed enough to have one (and one you actually like!), know, that there is something amazing about having this person in your life who has played Barbie Dolls with you, dressed up as Mary to your Laura, sat on top of you until you almost wet yourself, listened to Bullfrgs and Butterflies and Kaptain Kangaroo while lying on the orange shag carpet, and now, shares life with you in this season as wives and mothers. I can't wait to come back and post the fabulous photos I know I will bring back with me of her beautiful home and the amazing time we will have together. Let's just say that this gal knows how to do Hospitality to the fullest!

"Quick Change"
To tide you over until we return, here is something I like to call a "Quick Change". It's basically an area in my home that has been driving me nuts because the decor was just not quite right. This particular spot was decorated hastily after moving in and I was just trying to fill the empty spaces.

This was the area over the desk in our kitchen...

Now, let me just say that I love teacups, I really do, but I have discovered that I mostly just love to drink out of them rather than decorate with them. My house lends itself to more of what I like to call "Relaxed Traditional" and teacups somehow don't fit into that style. So, they had to go...

I took out one of the shelves to just open up the space a little bit more. And, then, my favorite part! I just went shopping around my house! I tried a couple of different combinations using some of my bowls that have been hiding out in a cupboard.

Here is my first attempt...

Not quite right, but getting closer...

Ahhh...much better! And it showcases one of my favorite bowls! Bright apple green with a honeycomb pattern!

The final view! Simple, clean, cheerful! And...FREE!
If you get a chance before you go, hop on over to the Home and Garden section for a sneak peak of the "Carrots on Steroids"!

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