Friday, July 16, 2010


If you are coming over from Courtney's Feathered Nest Party, welcome to one of my very first posts ever! I was, and still am, fairly new to the blogging world and just getting my feet wet. So, be forgiving please! Thanks for letting me indulge myself by revisiting one of my most favorite rooms in my house!

My Son's Room

So, being a newbie to this whole blogging world, I am still figuring out a variety of things.  It makes me kind of feel like the girl who finally got the Guess jeans with the zippers at the ankle only it was a year after everyone else. Oh wait, I was that girl! And they were hand-me-downs too. I'm not bitter though...
When several of you asked to see bigger pictures of my son's room, I realized that this was an area I needed to improve upon.
So, here is my second attempt at featuring this room!
The golf theme is one that is carried over from the "nursery" stage of this room and it works really well now in "big boy" stage too!
This curtain rod was constructed using old putters found at a second hand store. I inserted them into an extension pole and we had ourselves a custom curtain rod!
The painting above was done by my incredibly talented father-in-law as a gift to our boy when he was born. We used molding to frame it out and with the curtain panels I made from fabric found in a remnant basket, it becomes a window into another world. The world Daddy wishes he could live in every day!
This headboard was found at the sidewalk sale of one of my favorite bargain locales. I have an entire post dedicated to this spot so be was $5 and with 2 'L' brackets and the "help" of my #1 rascal, we had it up in no time! It adds so much character and being distressed already it was perfect for a rough and tumble boy's room!
This is the best storage system I have come up with for Legos so far. We gave up on keeping the sets together long ago, so they are color sorted into the bins and it works great! I would love to hear what anyone else does to store these teeny-tiny pieces so send your ideas my way.
This darling table was also found at my favorite store for $10! And yes, that is a stereo shaped like a Lego Brick. Decorating with Legos...hmmmm...maybe that will be the next theme for the room!
The dresser was a hand-me-down, translation FREE! A little sanding and a light stain, new knobs and it fit perfectly. I mentioned in the original post that the mirror was not really a bargain. It looks like Pottery Barn but its really Target so at least it wasn't a total budget buster.

Most recently we have been slowly working our way through the house replacing light fixtures. I had my eye on one at PB but, as usual, it was more than I wanted to pay. I stumbled upon this gem for half the price and knew it was meant to be!

So, here is the light before...

And here is how my new Bargain Beauty looks in it's place

The shelves on either side of the mirror were a find at TJ MAXX for $4 each! Crazy thing is, they are the same shelves my sister featured on her bathroom re-do on her blog Gourmet Meals for Less. What are the odds that we would buy the same shelves living in 2 different states? Scary!

I love the sentimental element in a child's room. It connects them to something larger than themselves. A history, a sense of belonging, and I have found that to be very important to me as I decorate my home. One of those cups was my baby cup and the other one is my boy's with his monogram. I'm sure you can guess which one is which judging by the polish. The baby shoes were mine and I am so grateful to my mom for saving and passing on to me these little bits of my own history!

Thanks for letting me show you this room. It may very well be the only time I show it because I usually can never even see the carpet because of all of the toys and Legos covering every square inch! And, just to add to the madness, my beloved son has started bringing home pieces of "cool" bark chips from the play-ground at school and now there is quite the collection on his dresser...and in his pockets...and in my washing machine...and dryer...and...

Thanks for stopping by!
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sheri said...

as always, i went down a bunny trail and ended up at a different post than where i started LOL. Love this adorable room. Boys rooms are so hard for me - and i have two of those buggers. :)

Lindsay said...

Hey Vanessa ... Love the room! The bedding is real cute and I love the green walls. I also am loving his headboard and think that it is almost identical to the headboard/footboard I got for my daughters room! Glad to have you following us @ThatVillageHouse! Now following you too! :)

Kim said...

His room is cute! The bedding is great, and I love the putters on the rod. And I struggle with the Lego issue too. Daily. I have a love/hate relationship with the Lego!

Dining Delight said...

Another great room decorated with style and love! Your heirlooms do add a history to the room and make it all the more special. How blessed your children are to have their mother create such stylish and meaningful rooms for them!


Design Love said...

Welcome! I am here from Feathered Nest Friday. Your sons room is very nice, great job! And you have a grab button...I am trying to figure out how to get one! Grrr...


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Your sons room is adorable! I love the putters- what a great idea! Love the little heirlooms in there too- really sweet & Perfect choice in the light! :)