Friday, July 2, 2010

My Favorite Room in the House
I have a favorite room in my house. Can you guess what it is? No, it's not my kitchen, although I do believe it's the heart of our home. It isn't our Master Bedroom, which is probably the most calming room to me. Guessed yet? I'll give you a hint...this is hanging on the door.
It is actually a fairly apt description for what you find inside most of the time. And just so you know, it most certainly doesn't look this picked up all the time. I did a quick sweep of the room and there was a pile of stuff sitting in the hallway while I was taking pictures!
If you haven't figured it out yet, the room belongs to my son Ian.

I've often wondered why it is my favorite room and why I feel most at home when I am in it. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it most resembles his room at our old house, and much of the decor is actually the same as when it was a baby's room. And, he was my first baby so it was the room I laid awake at night dreaming about and wondering which little person was going to belong to it someday. And, no surprise at all to those who know me, it was done for next to NOTHING! See those curtains over his bed...I found the fabric in a remnant bin in the back of a fabric store in Portland. There was enough to make coordinating pillows too. See that curtain rod? I'll give you a closer look...

It's actually made with old Golf Clubs, putters to be exact, that I found at a second hand store. I bought what would be considered an extension piece for a curtain rod and simply stuck the clubs in, end to end. And there you have it, custom curtain rod for oh, around $10! The painting it hangs over was done by my incredibly talented father-in-law as a gift to us when Ian was born. We framed it out with molding to look like a window over his bed.

This Headboard was a fabulous find at one of my favorite haunts, which I will feature in another post. They were having a sidewalk sale and I scored it for $5! $5 folks! A couple of 'L' brackets and the help of one handy little boy did the trick! I love that it was already distressed because most things in his room end up that way anyway!  
My sister-in-law was getting rid of this dresser and we offered to take it off her hands. Can't beat FREE! Some new knobs and a light sanding and stain later, it was the perfect fit. Now, I will say this, I did splurge a little on the mirror. I believe that there are times in decorating that call for finding just the right piece even if it means it isn't the lowest price around. I didn't go crazy but let's just say that it cost more than $5!
 Below you will see what I have found to be the best storage for Legos so far. You see, they were taking over the room! You could barely see the carpet and Ian was telling stories in Sunday School about how mommy and daddy come into his room at night and mommy steps on the Legos and Daddy laughs at her! At least he is telling the truth at church! We have them color sorted so it is easier for Ian to find the pieces he needs. We gave up long ago trying to keep each set together.

And just to keep it real...                                      

And just because no true Southern Child's room would be complete without them, Sterling Silver baby cups. One with his monogram, and one of his momma's baby cups along with her baby shoes!                                                                                                                                 
I do know that they need to be polished, but give me a break folks! I can barely get a shower these days! Hope you enjoyed the first of many little glimpses into my home!

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Anonymous said...

Since I have seen this room in person I can attest to how absolutely adorable it is! I think the golf club curtain rods are my favorite! And just think for every lego you have stepped on, there is a matching Barbie shoe that dad stepped on when we were little...;o) Love ya sis!