Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Must Be Stopped!

Just call me Crazy Button Betty!
It seems that I can never just let things go.
My husband is saying, "Oh, really? That's a SHOCKER!"
Once I figured out how to do the Button thingy, and once I published it and posted all about my proud accomplishment, I started second guessing the look of my Inspiration Friday Party Button. It didn't help that I finally found what I wanted to use for my Main Blog Button.
TA DA!!!!

No denying it, I'm a sucker for warm colors!
Then, all of a sudden, those lovely lavender colored Hydrangeas on my party button just looked really PURPLE!
It doesn't "go", ya know?
So, back to the Button drawing board.
Here is the New and Improved
Inspiration Party Button!
I know you were all clamoring to get ahold of my Party Button yesterday so I really hope I didn't mess anyone up!
Anyone? Anyone?
I really hope you will come back tomorrow and Link right up!
You are all some very talented folks and I have so enjoyed the wide variety of posts that you decide to Inspire us with!
And, head on over to my sidebar and take my Buttons home with you if you'd like!

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I also changed my Header. It's complusive! I can't rest until it all matches!
I really must be stopped!
But, do you like it?
See you tomorrow!
Love, Crazy Button Betty
A.K.A. the Southern Girl at Heart
A.K.A. Vanessa


Pamela said...

This is too wild! I was just going over my sidebar and looking at buttons of places I visit often and thought abt how you did not have one so I was heading over here to high jack a pic and make a faux one for it so everybody who stops by my place...ya know the scad few...who have not already been over here can visit too. Love them! Heading back home to put your button up!

Vanessa said...

Perfect timing Pamela! Thanks so much for putting my button up and I'm hoping to go through and put everyone's up on mine too!