Friday, September 10, 2010

Inspiration Friday Party No. 3!

Crafty, Creative, Copycat?

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Southern Hospitality!*
Welcome to my Inspiration Friday Party!
I am so excited you stopped by and I hope you will consider joining in the fun and Linking Up this week!

Have you ever thought about the difference between being Crafty and being Creative? There is one, you know! And, I stand...uhhh...sit...uhhh...type here before you today with a reality that I have finally come to terms with. It is like all of the voices in my head came together and staged an intervention. And you can all be the first to hear this truth about me.

"Hello. My name is Vanessa and I suffer from being

Whew! Saying it out loud really is a good first step!
Now, not being Crafty doesn't mean that I'm not Creative. There is a little streak of that running through my blood. But, please, don't ever ask me to make a Wreath for you! We might not be friends afterwards.
Perusing through all of your Blogs has made me even more aware of how much I suffer from 'Un-Crafty-itis'. There are some talented folks out there!
One of them is Sherry over at No Minimalist Here (which is one of my absolute favorite Blog titles by the way!). She is beyond talented and she recently showcased a Tablescape she designed last fall. Take a look at these gorgeous photos...

Don't you just want to sit down there and take it all in?
Here is what really caught my eye...

The pumpkin on top of the Candle-stick. Genius!
As I studied these pictures I suddenly had an Ephiphany! I may not be Crafty but I am one great Copycat! I needed to add some Fall Decor to my mantel and this is my take on Sherry's Inspirational Design.

I already had these great black pillar candle-holders and I dug the beaded pumpkins out of the attic. The faux pine-cones and leaves and acorns all came in a box set from Wal-Mart for $6!

Dear Wal-Mart, You know we sometimes have a love/hate relationship. But, these little Autumn gems made me realize why I felt such a connection to you in the first place!

My 'Not Crafty' dilemma came to a head when I found this in a Second-hand store over the weekend.

How can a simple Black Bucket with a gold label make me feel the way this does? Kinda warm and fuzzy inside. At first, I thought I might stick a bottle of Bubbly in there and give this away to someone. But, who was I kidding? I WANTED IT! I mean, look at this, wouldn't you?

So, ummm...what exactly is one supposed to do with a Black Bucket? All of you crafty people are shouting all of your fabulous ideas at your screens right now aren't you? The only problem is, you aren't going to come to my house and whip this bucket into shape, are you? ARE YOU?
So, left to my own sad devices, this is what I came up with.
Step 1
Buy silk flowers on Clearance at Michaels and stare at
them and the Bucket for a few days.

Step 2

Finally begin to arrange...rearrange...tweak...fluff...pull...adjust said flowers until you hope you have created something that will add a little splash of color to the table in your Breakfast Nook.
Step 3

Add tall Hurricanes and Buttery Yellow candles and
decide that you like it after all!
Then, pat yourself on your 'not-very-crafty back' and feel proud that you stuck some silk flowers in a bucket!
Step 4
Listen to your husband and son joke at dinner about how the little stringy things hanging out of the bucket remind them of Nerd candy and realize that you will never look at them in the same way again!
Oh, the trappings of being Crafty!

Now, let's get on to the fun stuff! I can't wait to see what you all have been up to this week! There is so much Inspiration out there in Blogland. I have seen amazing recipes that I can't wait to try. I have read some wonderful pieces of writing and I have seen some incredible Fall Decor popping up everywhere!
So, whatever you posted this week that was Inspiring to you and that you think may Inspire someone else, link it on up!
Here are the instructions for those of you who are new to this whole "linky party" thing.

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2. Do not try and Link up until you have actually published that particular post on your blog.
3. Please link back to the host blog, Southern In My Heart, so that those who visit your blog will be able to find some wonderful Inspiration from everyone else!

4. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my Inspiration Friday party!

And may you have a fabulous weekend!
From this Southern Girl at Heart,



Steve said...

Well I like your crafty stuff! Keep it up!

Melissa Miller said...

LOL! Vanessa I think you are my third sister. I am so *not crafty* either. He! Sometimes I wonder why anyone reads my blog since I have never made a thing to show that is unique or sell. The pumpkins and black candles are really pretty and eye catching! What a clever idea and great inspiration she gave. I adore the bucket too. Very unique. I see no Nerds candy. *Smiles*

Thanks again for hosting! I enjoy reading your cute writing style. You remind me of Sarah, Thrifty Decor' Chick. She is so funny and witty like you.

Happy party day!
~Melissa :)

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Great copy-ing! It looks great! Have a great weekend.
Bonnie :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Vanessa, I love Sherry's table too. Her home is beautiful and I wish she would hurry up and share more of it. Great black bucket and love the arrangement. That would make me all fuzzy inside, too.

Heather@ Gourmet Meals for Le said...

Hysterical! Love this post...and not just cause I'm your sister. BTW, everything you did is beautiful...I think there is a crafter deep down in there. Laughing so hard thinking about Robb and Ian dissing your flowers. You know my two boys would do the same thing, love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkins on the candle holders. May I please "borrow" this idea? I'm also a pretty good copycat.

Hubby will be in your neck of the woods later today. He just HAS TO purchase another amplifier for one of his many guitars and he can't find what he needs here. Thank goodness our kids are almost done emptying our bank account with college bills.

Playing Sublimely said...

Thanks for the invite to the linky...always love hearing from you :)

Traci said...

Sadly, I don't have anything to show this week but I had to comment because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the centerpiece in the first picture. The urn thingy is to die for. I had to laugh at you staring at your flowers & bucket for a few days because that is soooo me! I'll be doing my fall decorating this weekend even though it's still ridiculously hot!

Pamela said...

Laughing over the nerds! Ha! Too funny! I get stuff like that all the time with all men in my house! Linking up and thanx for your suggestion! I will see if I can add your vote to the poll for ya.

Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am new to this whole blogging, but I am really enjoying it. I love being able to communicate with other talented people and share great ideas.

I love the fall decor that you have around it's so cute. I just saw some cute little pumpkins that I think I will have to go back and get this weekend, jazz them up a bit and decorate my mantle.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. I too am now a follower of your great blog!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh wow, such beautiful decorations and inspiration. I love the pumpkins on the candlesticks and also the bucket arrangement is fabulous. Everything looks wonderful. Thanks so much for you sweet comments. I am thrilled to link up. I will post it on my blog. Hugs, Marty

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Vanessa, I was so surprised when I clicked on and saw my Fall tablescape. Thank you so much for featuring it and the sweet things you said about me! You are such a doll and I always love reading your blog.

Your mantle looks wonderful and I am in love with the champagne bucket and how you decorated your table . Whether you know it or not you are crafty!
Hugs, Sherry

Val said...

Oh my, I think I'm in love with your bucket!! = )

Southern Lady said...

Vanessa, thank you for visiting my Southern Lagniappe blog and for taking time to leave a comment. I'm so glad it led me to your blog.

Thank you for the invitation to participate in your "Inspiration Friday Party" ... I enjoyed your post today and will look forward to participating in the future.



Christie said...

I know you have already seen this post, but wanted to add it to Inspiration Friday! I love your displays...I will agree with you, I am more creative than I am crafty...I try, but often end up throwing out my project...maybe I am not patient enough, maybe there is a thread of perfectionism...who knows! It is bad, when I have a great idea, but I just can't bring it to fruition!! Feel your pain! You just keep on being creative! You have a special touch! Thanks! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

NanaDiana said...

Vanessa my dear-You may not be the craftiest girl in the Blogland Bunch---but you sure got a way with words!

I love coming here cuz you are SOOO real! lol Diana

Traci said...

Thanks for your sweet comments about my Mantel Headboard.....I love your blog! Your blog seems so real, like I am in the same room with you having a conversation. Wanted to let you know that I am now a follower - And a copy-cat as well!!

Kim said...

Hi Vanessa, I bounce between creative and crafty myself :). Nice to see you have a link party, I'll make a note of it.

Kim said...

Do you have a button?

Sailing Simply said...

Hi Vanessa! Sorry, I didn't think my post was too much about an inspiration when I first created it, but I see now how you would think that! I got home too late last night to link up. Thanks for the invite I will be sure and keep this party in mind on future posts, I do love the concept! By the way, I love your cute black pumpkins on candlesticks, I've kinda done one myself too after seeing Sherrys also! Yours are wonderful! I love the sparkle against the black..very sharp!

Cricket And Scott said...

I don't think you give yourself enough credit. I love all you posted!

Vee said...

O gosh! You made me laugh aloud when you said that you're not craft; you're a great copycat. This describes me to a tee. Your home is beautiful! I was honored that you became a follower out of the blue. That's so very sweet.

Vee said...

not "crafty" Gheesh. Some days I can spell and type.

Diane said...

You look very crafty to me! Love all your fall decor, I'm working on my fall decor now. I'm a bit behind these days.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Vanessa, it's all so pretty, so Fallish! I love what Sherry does too, great person to copy from. Thanks for joining up to my party!

Anonymous said...

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